Each client and project is unique, but the questions we focus on remain the same: How do you interact and live on a daily basis?  How do you wish to feel when you walk through your front door?  Whether we are helping you with decorating a room, renovating your current space, or managing a new build, we exercise the same passion and attention to detail in everything we do.

We begin all projects with an in-home consultation with one of the Principal Designers, Erin Feasby or Cindy Bleeks.  This meeting is ideally conducted on site, if possible, to allow us to get the full picture of your space as well as a feel for your personal style.  

Whether it be a one time consultation to address your challenges, or a kick-start meeting to begin your project with us, our approach to the consultation is the same.  This working meeting is a great opportunity to have a trained design professional guide you through the process of creating the space you want and coming up with a plan of action.  When it comes to decorating your space, remodeling a bathroom, or planning a new build, we are available to work with you every step of the way.  Ranging from small floor plans and colour schemes through working drawings and the permit process, our capable team is able to assist you through what can often feel like an overwhelming process.  Our goal is to make this as stress free and enjoyable for our clients as possible.

For more information on booking a consultation, our services and rates, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone.